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The benefits and cost of joining
The benefits and cost of joining

ClinicAccess.net is a new website which has been designed by CODE and Frankham Consultancy Group to lead you to self certification for the Disability Discrimination Act. Following subscription you will be presented with a list of questions for each part of the clinic. The web site will produce your action plan and policy once all of the questions have been completed.

Here are some of the benefits:

Save money on consultancy fees for DDA audit by doing it in-house
Save time by having all of the DDA information in one place
Delegate the task of audit to a member of staff, ClinicAccess has been made as simple as possible
Print off the questions to answer them when convenient, no need to be on-line for a long period of time
Cover all of the essential aspects of compliance in one place
Your clinic disability policy is created once you have completed the questions - this is a requirement
Your action plan for disability access is created as part of the policy
You can print off your certificate at any time
ClinicAccess will remind you to carry out the annual review
Free on-line DDA consultant for subscribers
Additional consultancy and staff training is available from the ClinicAccess team

The subscription fee is just £125 (+VAT) for the first year.
The renewal fee is just £85 per year.

Refund Policy
If during the first 7 days after registration, you are not happy with the ClinicAccess service you can claim a full refund by contacting ClinicAccess.

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