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Solutions for Dental Practice Owners

Solutions for Dental Practice Owners

Advice, Guidance and Support during times of change for single-handed, group and multiple practices

Simplify administration with the CODE Management Modules - ready-made solutions for running your practice

Save money on supplies, insurance and more with the CODE Buying Group

Enjoy support from the telephone helpline, if we can't answer your question, we know a professional who can

Take part in seminars, training and consultancy services, run by dentists for dentists

Limit your risks by adopting the CODE contracts for associates, assistants, hygienists and staff

Stay compliant with regulations and legislation via regular updates, guidelines and master templates such as CODE's publication scheme

Set up and maintain clinical governance with Clinical Governance Made Simple

Gain confidence from being part of the leading association for dental practice owners

Join today and start enjoying the benefits

The Benefits of Membership Advice, guidance and support with the telephone helpline
Our helpline provides solutions on all practice management issues including employment law, selling a practice, compliance, disputes, clinical governance and even where to find a good accountant or solicitor. We draw upon the know-how of experienced practice owners and from top professionals.

Streamline your organisation with the new Management Modules
The CODE Management Modules have been designed to provide 'ready made' solutions for practice management. Being easy to read and adopt, they facilitate the smooth running and efficiency of your practice. We regularly revise the modules and release new ones, as business needs change.

Minimise risk by adopting CODE contracts and special insurances
Our contracts have been tried and tested. Approved by lawyers they offer fair and robust solutions to the intricacies of associate employment, hygienist arrangements and even self-employed assistants. Job descriptions, letters of engagement and interview guidelines are included. Grievance and disciplinary procedures will become obligatory and ours have been recently updated to reflect the latest changes in employment law.

Save money with the CODE Buying Group
We can save you up to 16.5% on dental supplies from Dental Directory, 40% from Chubb Fire and 10% from LightningFish web design. We have a value range of office supplies and members also receive 10% discount from Practice Impressions, a new branded stationery and marketing company. More discounts and special offers are in the pipeline.

Gain new patients from CODE web site referrals
Our extensive website has a patient section with 'find a dentist' and 'ask a dentist a question' pages, both of which encourage new patient referrals. There is also a download area where members can obtain the latest versions of our modules and a new 'Dentistry Resources' section, which aims to list every single name and address in dentistry, in the UK. You can list job vacancies and attract staff by subscribing to CODE's Win-Win working policies.

Set up and maintain CQC compliance with Clinical Governance Made Simple
The Clinical Governance Made Simple kit facilitates CQC compliance in 24 easy steps.

Clinical Governance (CG) is an NHS terms of service requirement, it is also a requirement for Care Quality commission registration. Clinical Governance Made Simple (CGMS) is a subscription service for CODE members. It gives you the tools to set up and run clinical governance in 24 easy steps. CGMS is meant to be run by a practice manager or other team member. If you have an effective clinical governance system, you should be able to meet the requirements for CQC registration plus all of the other regulations and legislation that apply to dentistry.

The CGMS kit has been built around the 28 regulations and associated outcomes provided by Essential Quality Standards of Quality and Safety from the Care Quality Commission. These are grouped into 6 key areas:

Involvement and information
Personalised care, treatment and support
Safeguarding and safety
Suitability of staffing
Quality and management
Suitability of management

Read more about CGMS here.

Review salaries, fees and associate percentages with free benchmarking
Each year we hold an anonymous benchmarking exercise to gather key financial information from members. Its analysis gives an indication of the range of fees for the most popular private treatment items, the amount and variation in salaries for nurses, practice managers and hygienists and the percentages paid to associates. This invaluable service helps members to measure financial performance, set new objectives and compare fees.

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