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About Clinic Access
ClinicAccess.net a step by step solution for clinic owners

The Disability Discrimnation Act 1995 (DDA) makes it unlawful to discriminate against disabled people in the areas of employment, access to goods and services as well as the management, buying or renting of land and property. Clinic Owners have duties under the legislation both as service providers and employers. The DDA requires service providers to make reasonable adjustments to their premises to overcome physical barriers to access for disabled people. To help you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) we have created ClinicAccess, a step by step solution for employers.

Six Simple Steps
  1. Register and enter the clinic details
  2. Print off the questions for each 'Customer Access Point', fill them in on your printed sheet and then enter them onto the website. You can come back to the site at any time to continue with the questions, the ones you have answered will be saved as soon as you answer them. There are about 20 sections, each with about 15 questions. It is unliekly that you will have to answer them all, for example you may not have a lift or, parking or entrance steps.
  3. Once the acessibility audit is completed, print off your Disability Policy and Action Plan
  4. Train the team using the policy and plan
  5. Follow your action plan
  6. Review annually - Clinic Access will remind you by email

The cost of subscription for CODE members is £85 for the first year and annual renewal is £65.

The cost to non-members is £125 for the first year and annual renewal of £85.

Members should enter a discount code when filling in the subscription details and this will enable the reduced rates.

If you do not have your discount code please email the CODE office info@codeUK.com or call on 01409 254 354.

Please note that quoted fees are exclusive of VAT.


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